We picked up our puppy from Grace Haven Kennels two days ago and we are in love. Bethia and Mark love these puppies so much and do such a wonderful job raising them. We couldn’t pick up Winston for a little over a week after he chose us and so they began his crate training for us. He’s been home with us two nights and there’s been no crying in the crate and he only wakes us up once a night. He’s a dream puppy. He’s already sitting, goes down, and will roll over with a lure. He’s seriously smart! He’s also cuddly and chill but loves to have fun too. Grace Haven Kennels believes in positive reinforcement training (as do we!) And gave our 9 year old daughter a crash course in being a responsible pet owner. They also worked closely with us to surprise our daughter with our new puppy. When she figured out that she was getting a puppy-the pure joy on her face was priceless. It made Bethia and I cry happy tears. Bethia’s reaction just reinforced what I already knew-she loves these puppies and wants what is best for them. Winston couldn’t be more amazing. Thank you Grace Haven Kennels for raising the perfect puppy for our family. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone. If you’re lucky enough to get a dog from Grace Haven Kennels-count your lucky stars!

My family and I looked far and wide when deciding where our new family member would come from! We had in-depth discussions with a handful of breeders before choosing to buy our Australian Labradoodle, Sadie, from Grace Haven Kennels. We could not be happier with our experience! I haven’t owned a dog since childhood and Bethia was SUPER helpful and knowledgeable in answering all of my hundreds of questions! Sadie is a year and a half old now and is the best doggo we could have even hoped for! Her temperament is perfect, even when our baby and toddler decide a hair pull is a good idea! She’s never so much as growled at either of the kids (or anyone for that matter). She is a BEAUTIFUL dog, and compliments follow her wherever we go. It used to be “oh, your kids are so cute!”… Now it’s “oh your dog is so cute, can I pet it?”! She only barks when she has something she thinks we should know about (she’s knows before the doorbell that someone is here!), she doesn’t chew things up, she never messes in the house, and she’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever been around. Couldn’t be happier!




Bear is the perfect addition to our family. He is calm, sweet tempered, very cuddly, and smart as a tack. Bear learns commands so easily and loves to please us. At 4 months old, he went in for his first hair cut, and our groomer told us she had never groomed such a laid back, well-behaved puppy. He is quite popular in our neighborhood with people and other canines. The neighbors will come out of their homes when we are walking him just to say hello to him! We love our “Bear, Bear” and he brings us great joy every day! Thank you Beth and Mark for giving our Beach such a terrific start in life!

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