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Who We Are

We are a very small breeder of Australian Labradoodles based just outside of Boise, ID. It all started with a trip through the dog kennel at the animal control center in Missoula, MT. There he was, this beautiful Labradoodle with these deep brown eyes that seemed to look into my soul. I was in love. He came home a week later, and we named him Chance (pictured right). He was part of the family from day one. He was home. That was eight years ago, and we estimate his age to be 11 today. He is as fit as he was then, his teeth as white as they were then, and his loving personality hasn’t changed a bit. He may have a little bit of gray in his coat, but otherwise, you couldn’t distinguish him from that young dog eight years ago.

As we contemplated adding to our four-legged family, another doodle was a given. It was then that I came across the Australian Labradoodle. I had an aha moment, and the search for Fiona was on. It took me a year to finally choose the breeder that I purchased her from. I couldn’t be more happy with the puppy I got from Ladd Hill Labradoodles, Fiona.

Australian Labradoodles are of excellent temperament and health. The breed weighs, on average, approximately 25 lbs. Large enough to recreate with, but small enough to curl up on your lap at the end of the day. These puppies are raised in our bedroom and living room with the rest of our human and four-legged family from day one. They are loved on from day one. Mom is fed the very best nutrition, including Primal Raw and Organic Raw Goats milk. These puppies have every advantage possible, before they are even born. For the love of the breed, both Sire and Dam are health tested. It takes much more than two parents to create a stable temperament and a lifetime free of genetic disorders. That is why our puppies are not inexpensive. It takes much more than an emotional decision, to raise a dog, care for them, have excellent veterinary care, feed them quality dog food and supplements, (which do not come from a grocery store) and be there for them as they age. That is why our “parents” are screened. Please do your research and understand the difference between a Labradoodle and an Australian Labradoodle. We welcome your questions. Puppy price is $2800. $800 non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy. The balance is due when the puppy is 8 weeks old and available to go home!


All puppies will have had dew claws removed, microchipped, and have had their first set of shots. They will also have been started on crate training and basic obedience commands. I have a 25-month health guarantee on hips/elbows/eyes and thyroid. If your dog is found to have any genetic condition related to the above, I will refund you the full purchase price of the puppy. I offer a lifetime of support.

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